SULECKI vs JACOBS Live stream. Daniel Jacobs looks to start new KO streak vs. Maciej Sulecki Saturday at Barclays Center. Daniel Jacobs vs. Maciej Sulecki & Jarrell Miller vs. Johann Duhaupas final quotes.

SULECKI vs JACOBS live stream

I get chills thinking about fighting at Barclays Center. I truly believe in my heart that I am the best middleweight in the world. I look to be impressive in all of my outings. Whether I win by knockout or decision I want to look my best.”“It’s not just me I’m representing up here, it’s my whole team, Andre Rozier has been my trainer since I first put on gloves.”

Jacobs looked really weight drained at the weigh-in. You can tell that he’s going to blow up overnight when he rehydrates for the fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacobs is over 190 lbs. on Saturday night. During Jacobs’ career, he’s weighed in as a super middleweight 24 of his 35 fights as a pro. You can argue that Jacobs is for all intents and purposes a super middleweight.

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